Friday, 16 April 2010

WD MyBook 3.0 Hard Drive Arrives With USB 3.0 WD MyBook 3.0 Is WD's First USB 3.0-Enabled Hard Drive

WD has revealed its first-ever hard drive unit to feature a lightning
fast USB 3.0 connection.ย The WD MyBook 3.0 will be available in two
models, a 1TB or 2TB version that will hit the street starting at just $180.
The WD MyBook 3.0 is not only the first WD hard drive to feature USB
3.0, but it is amongst the first of its kind to adopt the latest USB
specification.ย Other producers like Buffalo and Free
com have released USB 3.0 hard drives of their own, but WD could be the
first top tier brand to feature this kind of offering.
The USB 3.0 system used by the WD MyBook 3.0 will provide transfer
speeds around 5-10 times faster than the USB 2.0 standard.ย Under the
clock, these speeds can exceed 5Gb/s in either direction.
The WD MyBook 3.0 will be available in a 1TB and 2TB iteration, with the
former being available on the market now for $180.ย The 2TB version
will hit later this year, and pricing information for that model hasn't
yet been announced.ย In all, the price is right– this blogger
expected a pretty penny to be attached to this lightning quick transfer
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