Friday, 16 April 2010

iPhone Turned Into an Universal Remote Control L5 Technology to Allow Your iPhone & iPod Touch to Control Audio & Video Equipment

It's a fact that although it can't cook, the iPhone does just about
everything you could think of, from giving you navigation tips to
Internet browsing. Well, not really everything, as we just caught wind
that courtesy of a new application and a small device coming from the
good folks from R5 Technology, the iPhone or the iPod Touch can now be
used as a remote control for your home entertainment devices, without
having to move an inch to grab the TV remove or the device that controls
the DVD.
The application is free from the App Store and easy to use. It's highly
customizable by allowing you to drag and drop buttons on the screen and
making for the ultimate universal remote control. The bad part however
is that you need to acquire a 1.25 x .85 inches infrared dongle dubbed
the L5 Remote that will make you shell out some $50. And voila, your
iPhone can now control all video and audio equipment.
A sweet addition nonetheless, the L5 Remote doesn't require additional
batteries, Wi-Fi or external power to function. All you need to do is
plug it in and forget about your classic remote. Seems perfect to prank
your old man when watching football, isn't it?
Availability has been confirmed for February in the US.
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