Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sony Walkman A845 Revealed Sony's Razor Thin A845 Walkman Is Just 7.2mm Thick

Sony has released a new low-profile Walkman music player that weighs
just 62g and is only 7.2mm thick.ย The Sony Walkman A845 may have a
slight form factor, but it features the latest in portable media player
standards with a 2.8-inch OLED display, noise cancelling earphones and
16GB of storage space.
At 7.2mm thin, the Sony Walkman A845 portable media player may be the
thinnest Walkman Sony has ever produced, but until the price point has
been revealed that slim thickness is not much of a selling point.ย The
latest iPod Nano is just 6.2mm thick, giving the Sony Walkman A845 a run
for its money before it even hits the market (and the
new iPod Nanos feature video recording, while the A845 does not).ย
Like other PC-oriented pmp's, the Sony Walkman A845 can simply transfer
media from PC music and video folders.ย Like the iPod Nano, however,
the Sony Walkman A845 can transfer music from iTunes using a special
software connection.
For those of us who aren't big on iTunes, the Sony Walkman A845 could be
a decent small-size alternative to the Nano, but again– that'll
all depend on the price.ย The 16GB Sony Walkman A845 will hit the
market in February of 2010, as will the verdict on the value of this
thin-form pmp from Sony.
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