Friday, 30 April 2010

Parrot AR.Drone WiFi Helicopter Revealed Parrot's AR.Drone Helicopter Is Controlled Via WiFi, iPhone, iPod Touch

In a departure from the brand's bread and butter, Bluetooth device
manufacturer Parrot has logically release
d a product that flies.ย The Parrot AR.Drone is a WiFi-enabled
quadricopter– a four-propeller, camera-equipped drone aircraft
that can be controlled by an iPhone or iPod Touch.
The Parrot AR.Drone helicopter features WiFi remote control, two
on-board video cameras and an array of stabilizing sensors and
gyroscopes.ย Add the ability to control the Parrot AR.Drone with your
iPhone, and this becomes arguably the coolest app yet.ย Shift and turn
your iPhone, and the accelerometer translates these to steering controls
on the AR.Drone.ย The pilot can view the flight of the AR.Drone on the
iPhone's screen, either from the flight cam or the unit's auto-pilot camera.
The Parrot AR.Drone is designed as an r/c toy, much in contrast to the
CyberQuad UAV we covered back in December.ย Yet this quadricopter does
employ similar military-grade technology of helicopter UAVs, including
wind compensation, gyroscopic balance technologies and more.ย The
AR.Drone is also designed to work in tandem with other AD.Drones, giving
two users the ability to battle-it-out using games developed by Parrot
and third party developers.
Pricing info is not yet available, nor is a concrete ship date.ย Want
to terrify your friends with the threat of an alien invasion?ย Yeah,
there's now an app for that.
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