Sunday, 11 April 2010

Skiff Reader Revealed As Largest E-Reader Skiff Reader Beats Amazon Kindle DX As Largest On The Market

The Hearst Corporation-owned Skiff e-reading service has officially
revealed the Skiff Reader, the largest e-reader on the market.ย This
thin, touchscreen e-reader features an 11.5-inch screen, a considerable
jump in size over the current market leader, the Amazon Kindle DX.
After a string of me too e-readers that followed the relea
se of the Amazon Kindle, the Skiff Reader promises a jump far forward in
e-reader standards.ย The unit features a large 11.5-inch touchscreen
e-ink display, a definite improvement over the Amazon Kindle and Barnes
and Noble Nook e-readers, neither of which offer touchscreen-capability
directly on the e-ink section of the unit.ย While the Skiff Reader is
also larger than the competition, it slides in at a waif-ish
quarter-inch thick.
The Skiff Reader also breaks the e-reader mold by employing a rugged,
metal foil e-paper display that is actually flexible.ย Skiff does so
with silicon thin-film-transistors (TFT) on flexible stainless-steel
substrate , making this reader both shatter-proof and crack-proof.ย
Under the hood, the Skiff Reader features a rechargeable high-capacity
Lithium Ion battery with an average life of one week in typical use.ย
Standard, the Skiff Reader features 4GB of storage that is expandable
thanks to the unit's SD-card slot.ย For audio playback, the unit
features a built-in speaker and a 3.5mm audio jack.
The Skiff Reader will be heading to Sprint for retail later this year,
but official dates and pricing have yet to be announced.ย The Skiff
will operate on Sprint's 3G network in addition to local WiFi and USB
connectivity for content purchases.
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