Sunday, 11 April 2010

Interead COOL-ER eBook Readers Getting New Content The Self-Proclaimed iPod of eReaders Gets More Content, Reminds You About 3G

Company Interead has a simple goal with its COOL-ER eBook Readers
– it wants to be the iPod of eReaders. The CEO of Interead even
said the COOL-ER readers were
the iPod Moment of the eReader market. While the COOL-ER eReaders have
been out for a while, they'll getting some important updates, in just
before CES.
As we covered last month, Interead is partnering with AT T to bring 3G
connectivity to new COOL-ER devices that will be launched in mid-2010.
The COOL-ER devices are also getting WiFi connectivity – current
and earlier models forced you to use USB or SD cards to transfer your
Interead is adding a new application to current COOL-ER models, called
'Coolermatic' that will let users monitor newspapers, news websites and
even Twitter, via their COOL-ER eReader (sorry Twitter fanatics, the
COOL-ER at this juncture only lets you monitor your favorite Twitter feeds).
As for a brief overview of the COOL-ER device, the COOL-ER eBook reader
feature a 6-inch e-Ink screen, similar in size to the Kindle 2's screen,
although the overall COOLER eReader is smaller than the Kindle. The
internal member of the device is 1GB, but can be expanded via a SD slot.
The COOL-ER reader s current model will set you back $250.
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