Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ford Sync To Offer Wi-Fi Via 3G Ford Sync-Enabled Cars Will Offer Plug-And-Play Wireless Via 3G Mobile Carriers

A week after announcing an open API and third-party app support, Ford
has announced yet another advancement in their Ford Sync mobile
entertainment system.ย Ford Sync has revealed Sync Wi-Fi, allowing
customers to share a third-party 3G connection with passengers over a
Wi-Fi bridge.
Ford Syn
c Wi-Fi will use the existing, on-board USB port to allow a user to plug
in their own 3G wireless internet modem.ย Sync will then use the 3G
connection to provide a Wi-Fi hotspot to other passengers in the car.ย
While this technology will not operate in existing Ford Sync-enabled
vehicles, some forthcoming factory cars will include this technology
without eating into the passenger space of the car.
The announcement itself didn't carry much information beyond the
3G-to-Wi-Fi capability itself.ย Ford has not revealed which vehicles
will feature this technology, nor have they announced an official
release date.ย Furthermore, it is not yet known if the Ford Sync Wi-Fi
uses 802.11n, but it has been offered that Sync Wi-Fi will provide some
sort of encription.ย Either way, this writer has to salute Ford for
allowing customers to use their existing 3G data plans to run their Sync
Wi-Fi– instead of charging customers a monthly fee for a
proprietary 3G service from the automaker itself.
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