Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sheng T108 Netbook Revealed New Chinese Netbook Sports Classy Brushed Aluminum Chassis, 2GB of RAM, 3G

Enter the Sheng T108, a Chinese netbook that features a slick (dare I
say – Apple like?) brushed aluminum body. Since most netbooks in
the market f
eature bland glossy plastic, something like this really stands out.
Under the hood, the T108 is fairly regular, although it doesn't appear
to be shipping outside of China anytime soon.
The Sheng T108 has a 10-inch display, Intel Atom N280 processor (no Pine
Trail, unfortunately), 2GB of DDR2 RAM, and a 250GB hard drive.
All-in-all, a pretty common netbook setup. The T108 also sports WiFi, a
webcam and 3G connectivity.
Reports on the internet report that the T108 is a 'Shanzhai' product,
which is a Chinese term for low-quality products that copy the design
andย appearanceย of a better known Western product, with the T108
copying the brushedย aluminumย look of the HP Mini 2133. The T108 may be
a Shanzhai product, but it's internal stats are nothing to laugh at. The
T108 is reportedly selling for about theย equivalentย of $300 in China,
and don't expect to see it outside of China anytime soon.
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