Thursday, 8 April 2010

DirecTV To Launch 3D HD Channels Major American Satellite Provider To Start Home 3D Channel

3D has been in the tech news these past few weeks with things like the
incredible motion picture Avatar and LG planning to release a 3D-capable
LCD computer
monitor. DirecTV is adding fuel to the fire as they'll be launching
America's first 3D HDTV channel on their service.
DirecTV launched a new satellite yesterday which will give it the
capability to broadcast the new 3D HD channel. The 3D HD channel will
broadcast a number of different types of programming, from movies to
sports to TV shows. The National Football League, the insanely popular
American football league, has begun experimenting with 3D coverage of
football games this year.
DirecTV's channel will meet the official '3D HD' standard, and will meet
the 3D standards of the TVย manufactures. Current DirecTV receivers will
get a firmware update to receive the HD 3D programming. Any customers
interested will need to purchase a 3D-ready TV, a 3D converter box, and
those lovely 3D glasses. DirecTV's channel will launch in March 2010,
with more information being revealed at CES.
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