Thursday, 8 April 2010

Cydle P29 PMP To Feature Mobile TV New PMP Will Feature Mobile TV, 3-inch touchscreen

Recently we covered Cydle's new PMP and GPS, and on the heels of
Samsung's announcement of aย commitmentย to Mobile TV in North America,
Cydle announces they are planning to bring
a new P29 PMP to North America that will be Mobile TV ready.
Details and specs on theย upcomingย Cydle P29 PMP are scare. What we do
know is that it will feature a 2.9-inch touchscreen, and will be Mobile
DTV ready. The new Mobile TV PMP is technically the P29A, a variant of
the P29H model previously released by Cydle which was a PMP that doubled
as a HD radio.
Cydle is placing their bets in the Mobile TV US market. Cydle is in the
forefront of the budding Mobile TV revolution, Cydle's director of US
sales said in a press release. Cydle expects to release the P29A in Q2
2010 with a retail price of $200. Cydle will be showing off the P29 off
at CES.
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