Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sanyo eneloop Music Booster Revealed Sanyo unveils battery-charger for 9V Music Equipment

Panasonic bought Sanyo just five days ago, but that hasn't stopped Sanyo
from unveiling a new product in their 'eneloop' line of cheap, green
gadgets. The new eneloop Music Booster acts as a rechargeable battery
for 9V heavy musical equipment.
No, the eneloop music booster won't recharge your iPod Nano, instead,
theย rechargeableย 9V battery is intended for heavy mus
ic equipment, like equalizers, multitrack recorders and the sort of
thing you'd find at a live concert. While these devices are usually
powered by AC adapters, the eneloop music booster can keep the music
going by acting as a cheap, portable battery.
The remarkable thing about the eneloop booster is that it can power two
heavy 9V devices for up to 50 hours when fully charged, leading some on
the internet to imagine this gadget could be a perfect 'emergency' unit
for small bands that forget their AC adapters. The eneloop music booster
is coming out in Japan on March 4th, 2010 for $110, with a North
American release rumored after that.
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