Friday, 2 April 2010

DoDoNA S-100 Cubic MP3 Player Revealed Small, Korean, Cube Shaped MP3 Player Unveiled, 4GB storage

The creative Korean minds at DoDoNA have come up with the S-100, a cubic
box MP3 player that's only 50mm wide, 50mm tall and 50mm deep. DoDoNA
makes small, Hello Kitty-like, cute little gadgets, like a small green
cube-shaped digital camera, and the S-100 is just the latest in this market.
As for the specs, the S-100 has 4GB of flash memory, a 1-inch LCD
display (maybe one of the smallest you'll ever find), a small external
speaker toย complementย the headphone jack, and a FM radio
toย complementย the various digital music formats it plays.
If you're using the headphones, the battery lasts 15 hours, vs. 8 hours
if you're using the speaker. It also can function as a voice recorder or
an alarm clcok radio. Want one? The device reportedly costs $170 and
there aren't any plans to bring it to North America or Europe, but a
Korean tech importer of your choice will likely gladly get you one.
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