Thursday, 1 April 2010

Lenovo Multimedia Remote Revealed Lenovo Releases Well-Equipped Unverisal Remote With Keyboard

The Lenovo Wireless Multimedia Remote was quietly released about a month
ago. The remote is clearly intended for a Media Center PC as it's
packing a full QWERTY keyboard – as well as a ย trackball. To top
it off, it's palm-shaped and can be used perfectly one-handed.
The simply named Lenovo Multimedia Remote (o
r you can call it by it's model number – 57Y6336) uses a 2.4Ghz
wireless frequency, and gives you an ample range of 10 meters.
Recharging is done via a USB dongle. According to Lenovo, the device
isย compatibleย with allย versionsย of Windows that are later than
Windows 2000 (sorry, Windows ME users).
The $60 gadget is now shipping from Lenovo, and could be the perfect
remote for Media Center PC users, other brands of couch-surfers, or
ย business PowerPoint presenters – though you may want to avoid
attempting a round of Call of Duty with this.
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