Sunday, 4 April 2010

Samsung CL80 Digital Camera Revealed 14-Megapixel Camera can shoot HD video, touchscreen, WiFi connectivity

Samsung has shown off their new CL80 digital camera, which is WiFi
enabled. The camera will be in the middle-to-high end gadget market, and
will carry a 14-megapixel sensor. On the back, the camera comes with a
large touchscreen, and the CL80 is even WiFi enabled.
The touchscreen measures out to 3.7-inches, and the other f
eatures of the CL80 include optical imageย stabilization, 720p HD video
recording (in H.264), and 7x optical zoom. As for the connectivity, you
have either a microSD slot or a USB port. A HDMI port enables the
transfer of the HD video to a larger screen.
With the WiFi, if you are in a hotspot, your camera can automatically
publish your pictures to Facebook, Flickr, Photobox or Picasa, or to
YouTube, regarding video. It would be nice if the pictures would
automatically beam themselves to your home hard drive – but the
photosharing sites are practically the same thing these days. No
information pricing or a release date, with more information expected to
surface at CES next month.
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