Sunday, 4 April 2010

Garmin Oregon 450t and 450 GPS Units Revealed Garmin Outs Two GPS Devices For Off-Road And In The Field

Garmin has released the Garmin Oregon 450t and 450 GPS units for hikers,
hunters, campers and explorers.ย These two GPS devices provide touch
screen control and user waypoints and route information in an off-road
The new Garmin
Oregon GPS devices both provide a glove-friendly touch screen display
spanning a three-inch viewable area.ย Since they'll be entering the
wild, they're designed to handle the full range of weather conditions
for up to 16 hours of use.ย The Garmin Oregon 450t offers a greater
range of map detail (including topographic mapping), while both provide
a birds-eye view of trails, rural roads, rivers, lakes and more.
The Garmin Oregon maps are fully customizable, allowing users to mark
route and landmark information to be stored on the map for later
reference.ย Beyond the standard map functionality, the Garmin Oregon
450t and 450 GPS units will also feature a compass, a stopwatch and an
elevation meter.ย While the new Garmin Oregon units were first shown
today, no information about pricing or shipping dates has been made
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