Sunday, 4 April 2010

HP Envy 14 And Envy 17 Leaked HP Korea Has Leaked Two New Models In The HP Envy Laptop Line

The HP Envy luxury laptop line may have more models on the way, thanks
to a document found on the HP Korea website.ย The document lists a
range of forthcoming HP releases which suggests that HP will expand the
Envy line with the HP Envy 14 and HP Envy 17 notebooks.
The HP Envy 14 and HP Envy 17 would join the two existing models in the
Envy line, the Envy 13 and 15, to provide a wider range o
f size options for consumers.ย Having invested some serious processing
power into their Envy laptops, it makes sense to offer a larger unit for
those who demand a bit more productivity out of their notebook.ย To
match the larger sizes of HP Envy laptops, it has been noted that these
units will include the HP external USB DVD Drive , which would suggest
that these models may exclude a built-in optical drive altogether.ย
Additionally, the wider screen size may provide a full 1080p resolution
at 1920 x 1080, and other items on the leaked file may lead to a newly
available 9-cell battery option.
Will these leaks hold water?ย Keep an eye on HP as CES approaches.ย As
soon as news of an HP Envy 17 or HP Envy 14 hit, we'll have the details
here on TFTS.
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