Sunday, 4 April 2010

RoyalTek RPJ-2000 Pico-Projector Revealed New Projector Is Pocket-Sized, VGA input

RoyalTek has unveiled their new pico-projector, the RPJ-2000. This is
just a sample of what they have planned for the upcoming year as
RoyalTek plans to release five new pico-projectors in 2010. The RPJ-2000
is a small projector that can create up to a 64-inch screen.
The RPJ-2000 is aimed at the business market and features a 3M optical
engine powered by LED. The LED has a rated life of 20,000 hours and
RoyalTek boasts a power-up t
ime of three seconds, which is impressive for any projector. For
connectivity, the RPJ-2000 packs a VGA port, and RoyalTek provides
drivers to help your computer adjust it's screen resolution to the
maximum resolution of the projector.
As stated above, the RPJ-2000 is just the first of six upcoming pico
projectors from RoyalTek. RoyalTek has one planned that will feature a
TV tuner. No schedule or pricing for the other models has been released,
although RoyalTek has promised that the TV tuner model will ship before
the FIFA World Cup in June 2010.
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