Sunday, 4 April 2010

Logic Wireless 150LGW Projector Phone Revealed SkyMall Sells World's First Projector Phone, Symbian OS, No 3G

SkyMall, the 'popular' catalog that keeps millions of people mildly
entertained every year in airliner seats is now selling the Logic
Wireless 150LGW, a rather plain 'smart'phone that is packing
a digital projector, which SkyMall claims is the world's first such phone.
You may remember when we covered the projector-equipped LG eXpo, which
has already been released. However, the projector for the eXpo is sold
as anย optionalย attachment, one that was delayed and hasn't yet been
released. This actually does make the Logic Wireless 150LGW the 'World's
First Projector Phone'.
In addition to the projector, the 150LGW sports dual SIM slots, dual
digital cameras, Bluetooth and a GSM radio (no 3G, unfortunately), and
comes powered via Symbian OS. The phone's on-board projector is capable
of an image up to 64 inches wide, but unfortunately, the 150LGW is a
rather unexciting 'smart'phone. SkyMall is charging $500 for the phone,
which means it probably won't fly off the shelves. The 150LGW is now
shipping, though you might want to wait for Nokia or RIM to attempt a
projector phone.
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