Sunday, 4 April 2010

New Sony PS4 to Run on Multi-core Processors PlayStation4 to Ditch the Cell Architecture for Multi-Core CPUs

All big players in the console gaming industry, Sony, Microsoft and
Nintendo are looking for better ways to meet with their customers'
needs. One of the companies rumored to be working on a new system, Sony
is supposedly ditching the Cell architecture in their current
PlayStation 3 in
favor for a multi-core processor that will bring a bit more horsepower
to those looking for a more challenging environment.
According to the Japanese from PCWatch one alternative would've been a
combination between Cell and Intel's new Larrabee chipset (that should
be released in 2010 as the core of a consumer 3D graphics card), but
Sony abandoned the idea and is now considering a more mainstream
multi-core processor for the upcoming PlayStation 4.
Other than being a snappier setup the new design is also expected to
make developing a lot more easier on the new console and promises to
keep away from those greater than average problems that developers
have reported until now.
Speaking of the upcoming PlayStation 4, the new console should be
released either late 2012 or early 2013.
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