Sunday, 4 April 2010

Pedal Brain Bike Computer For iPhone Hits The Streets iPhone Hardware And App System Gives A New World Of Data To Cyclists

Pedal Brain is a new bike computer sys
tem for iPhone and iPod Touch that gathers detailed ride data using the
ANT+ wireless protocol.ย Similar to the technology used for the Nike+
system for runners, Pedal Brain will collect and display detailed
information about your cycling workout, including route, speed, cadence
and heart rate.
Pedal Brain is both an iPhone accessory and an iPhone App which work in
tandem to both collect and display hard data about a cyclist's ride
session.ย While some iPhone Apps rely on GPS to suggest ride
information beyond just a mapped route, Pedal Brain communicates with
ANT+ enabled devices to gather actual data.ย ANT+ is a commonly used
wireless protocol built into professional and consumer-grade cycling
components like power meters, speed and cadence sensors and heart rate
monitors.ย Pedal Brain collects information from these parts of a
cyclists hardware and then analyzes and displays this data on an iPhone
or iPod Touch.
Pedal Brain displays ride data in real-time on an iPhone screen and in
greater detail on the cyclists home computer.ย Cyclists can review all
of the details about their ride from cadence to power (in Watts), heart
rate and speed throughout an entire route.ย While on the road, a
front-mounted iPhone can display current information about the ride as
well as the GPS-mapped location of a cyclist's other team members.ย In
total, Pedal Brain appears to eclipse the detail provided by other
iPhone Apps thanks to the hardware connectivity to ANT+ cycling
accessories.ย Pedal Brain should begin shipping in March, starting at $130.
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