Sunday, 4 April 2010

Blio Software Revealed Full-Color Book Reading Software Goes After eBook Readers

Inventor and designer Ray Kurzweil has revealed Blio, a new software
suite that lets you purchase and read electronicย versionsย of books in
full color glory. Blio, if installed on a tablet, could be a
strongย competitorย to traditional eBook readers who's E Ink displays
are limited to grey scale screens.
The Blio project reportedly was started by the National Federation of
the Blind and will feature strong text-to-s
peech capabilities. The concept of full-color eBook software has got
some excited. John Wiley Sons was one of the first book publishers to
sign on with the Blio project. Wiley produces travel guides, cookbooks
and the For Dummies series of books. All of those could be, arguably,
better on a full-screen tablet display than a small greyscale E Ink display.
At first, the Blio software will run on a PC, Mac or an iPhone app. Open
source books from the Gutenberg Project, the Wiley Son help books, and
a few other mainstream books are currently up for sale on the Blio
service. The impending Mac Tablet has got the rumormill claiming that
CES 2010 will be the year of the tablet, which could be huge for Blio.
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