Friday, 30 April 2010

BenQ Joybook Lite U103 Ultraportable Notebook Revealed New Ultraportable Combines SSD, HDD drives, 3D sounds, Pine Trail

Taiwan's BenQ has shown off a new ultraportable notebook computer that
is absolutely filled with the latest and greatest in computer
technology. Not only does the new notebook come in at less than an
inch-thick, it als
o features Pine Trail and both a regular hard drive and a solid state drive.
Solid-state drives are great for their speed but get very expensive
quickly as you try to get them in bigger sizes. BenQ's solution? To
offer both a 32GB SSD (for the operating system and other critical
files) and a 500GB HDD for everything else. For the Pine Trail fans, the
Joybook Lite U103 is coming equipped with the power-friendly N450 which
allows it to get 8 hours of usage out of a 6-cell battery.
The display size is 10-inches and a webcam is included. 3G connectivity
is optional. SRS TruSurround HD (or HD 3D Sound are included, giving
you some great audio features on a notebook. The notebook will ship in
either your choice of white or blue, although unfortunately, it isn't
shipping outside of Asia yet. No word on pricing although it was
released two days ago.
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