Thursday, 1 April 2010

James Cameron’s Avatar Is a True 3D Experience What You Didn’t Know About Avatar

I ve had the chance to watch James Cameron s Avatar in full 3D glory.
And I must say that the movie is definitely something else. Sure it s
not the best film I ve seen this year when I think about the story, but
from the technological point of view, Avatar is probabl
y the best film of 2009.James Cameron managed to make a movie that no
other director has done before. The writer and director imagined a world
comparable to what we ve seen in the Star Wars trilogies and everything
he invented has been digitally rendered in 3D for us to enjoy. Avatar is
not your regular Christmas movie. In fact, it doesn t have to do
anything with Christmas. It s your regular Sci-Fi story. You have two
races sharing a planet and there s a conflict about to emerge. You have
a love story going on in the background. And you have mankind being both
the bad and the good guys in the same movie.
But most importantly you have a whole new race, 10-feet tall, computer
generated and animated. And when you look at them through those 3D
glasses you re under the impression that you re looking at some real
creatures. They move naturally, they can express their feelings vividly
and they have their own language. Let s not forget about the alien
world, Pandora, a planet created from scratch by those special effects
gurus. Pandora is presented in huge detail in order to further emphasize
its indigenous population, the Na vi. Sure the real actors behind them
bring them to life but one can t disregard the technological
advancements that make this whole movie possible. The special effects
and the special 3D cameras used to shoot the movie have offered James
Cameron the means of accomplishing a personal project which couldn t
have been filmed ten years ago.
If you haven t seen the movie yet, you should definitely watch it now in
3D on a big screen. It s a long feature but it s worth every minute of
it. Besides the simple story of Avatar you will surely notice the
quality of this picture and you ll see how movies will look like in the
near future. And it looks like new special effects, CGI characters and
3D are going to play an important role in future movies. What are your
first thoughts on Avatar?
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