Thursday, 8 April 2010

Nexus One Pricing and Rates Leaked Google Phone Will Cost $530 Unlocked, $80 Monthly T-Mobile Rate

A tipster (presumably within Google) leaked web design documents that
show off the upcoming storefront for the Nexus One (aka – The
Google Phone). Google will b
e asking a steep $530 for the unlocked phone, or $130 for a two-year
T-Mobile contract. T-Mobile will be offering only one rate plan with the
phone, unlimited voice, web and texting for $80.
According to the leak, Google will not selling the phone at cost, as
they'll be taking a profit on the $530 handset. Some had speculated that
Google would sell the Nexus One at cost (or even a loss) to create the
'ideal Android phone' and help spread Android's popularity. This was not
T-Mobile will not let current customers transfer their plans over to the
Nexus One. If you are a T-Mobile customer and you want to keep your
current plan, you'll have to switch over to the Nexus One plan, or buy
the unlocked phone. For those of you outside the US, the fine print on
the website makes reference to shipping outside the US , so you may be
able to get your hands on an unlocked Nexus One.
Some strange rules – Google will only let you attach up to five
phones to a single Google/Gmail account. Granted, a single person would
never need six or more phones, but having a hard limit on it is strange.
Also, if you cancel your T-Mobile Nexus One plan, you either can return
the phone, or pay the difference between the subsidy and the unlocked
price – an bizarre move, for sure.
Google has got a press conference scheduled for January 5th, and the
internet leak claims that phone will go on sale that same day. Props to
Gizmodo for the image of the leaked website.
Looking for the official Nexus One features specifications as well as
a series of videos showing the Nexus One in action? See Google Nexus One
Specifications Features Now Official Nexus One Videos Full Low Down
" A True iPhone Beater .
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