Thursday, 8 April 2010

Insdream SX601 eBook Reader Is Kindle Clone Chinese Kindle Clone eBook Reader Goes Sans E Ink Display, No Internal Storage

A new Kindle clone has come out of Shenzhen, China. The Indsream SX601
eBook Reader is very, very similar to the Kindle in appearance and
design but features a fewย noticeableย differences. The SX601 doesn't
use theย propitiatoryย e Ink display that was popularized by almost all
other eBook Readers on the planet, and doesn't feature any on-board storage.
Although the SX601 is sans an E Ink display, it still features 6-inch
greyscale Kindle-like screen. eBookย manufacturersย favor the greyscale
screens for battery life and ease on human eyes. Insdream claims that
their plain DSTN display has better refresh rates than an E Ink display,
and has a comparable battery life.
There isn't any wireless or interntal storage – SX601 readers must
bring their own SD card to hold their eBooks, and transfer them to the
device via a USB cable. The device will also be able to play MP3s stored
on the SD card, and it has some other basic features –
text-to-speech, a calendar, a calculator and a diary function that the
software calls 'Blogging' (though, typing out diary entries on the small
keyboard probably will drive your crazy).
For teenage girls with nosey little brothers, your diary blog entries
can be password protected. No word on pricing or availability, although,
being slimmed down on features, it could be a low-costย competitorย to
the Kindle, Nook and Sony eReader.
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