Thursday, 8 April 2010

National Geographic's Complete History Sold On Hard Drive $200 Portable HDD Features Entire 121 Year History Of NatGeo

National Geographic Magazine, the popular American magazine cove
ring geography, history and archeology has released all of their issues
from 1888 to 2008 on a portable 160GB hard drive. Each issue is
presented in high-resolution .pdf format and NatGeo has promised updates
as the years go on.
The drive includes all issues in their entirety, including all articles,
pictures, maps and even advertisements. The HDD also includes some
special features, like tips on wildlife photography, as well as a behind
the scenes look at how NatGeo is produced, and even some interviews from
the photographers behind NatGeo's most famous pictures.
60GB of the 160GB external hard drive is filled up with NatGeo content,
giving you plenty of room to add your own travel photos or perhaps add
new NatGeo issues as they come out (since this package only goes to
2008, not 2009). They're asking $200 for it, which is a bit more than a
160GB hard drive, but you're paying for perfect digital copies of 120
years of amazing photographs.
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