Sunday, 4 April 2010

Huntkey X7 900 Super PSU Revealed High-End Power Supply For Desktops Features Five +12V Rails, 900W Rated

Anybody who upgrades their own computer is familiar with when their
power supply can't keep up with their new multi-core CPUs or multiple
graphics cards. Huntkey is developing a new PSU (power supply unit)
called the X7 900 that will pack tons of power and rails for high-end
gaming and co
mputer enthusiasts.
The rated power output of the PSU is 900W, which is impressive in it's
own right, but the PSU features five +12V power rails, which is often
more important than the overall rated power output of the PSU, specially
when dealing with multiple graphics cards, fans, and high-end processors.
In addition to the rails, the PSU will have a new smart fan that will
adjust it's speed according to the cooling needs of the PSU –
which should make your computer more quieter. Huntkey also promises the
PSU is 'modular', letting you only attach the cables you need, which
will help with case cableย management.
For those who care about the Earth, the X7 900 is 80 Plus Silver
energy-efficient. Unfortunately, no pricing or release dates have been
announced for the Huntkey X7 900.
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