Thursday, 1 April 2010

NewerTech USB Display Adapter USB Dongle Lets You Add Up To 6 Monitors, DVI, VGA, HDMI ports

If you have a desire for more monitors than you have video outputs, then
you're in luck as NewerTech has released a USB Displayย Adapter. The
little gadget has a US
B plug on one end and a DVI port on the other, allowing you to add as
many monitors to your computer as you wish.
While you will be limited by the number of USB ports, the NewerTech
driver software limits you at 6 additional monitors with Windows and 4
additional monitors with Mac OS X. Not sure many of us home consumers
would have desk space for 7 monitors, but in enterprise applications,
this could be useful. The adapter can even support resolutions up to
2048 x 1152.
Unfortunately, the software doesn't have any graphicsย acceleration, so
games are out of the question. The website even says that Keynote,
iPhoto and iMovie won't work with the video adapter. There are also
reports that video output via USB (notย necessarilyย this device, just
USB video output in general) is often choppy and has considerable lag.
If you're still interested, the NewerTech USB Video Adapter is now
shipping, and will cost you $96. Keep in mind that is only 1 adapter, so
if you want aย theoreticalย 6 additionalย monitors, you'll need to spend
$96 x 6.
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