Thursday, 8 April 2010

Concord Keystone EasyShot Clip Revealed Pocket-sized Camcorder Weighs Less Than A Pound, 2-Inches Long

Going undercover and need to get video of some illegal criminal
activities? You may be interested in the Concord Keystone pocket
camcorder. Concord Keystone is planning to officially unveil the
pint-sized camcorder next month at CES. The small camcorder
weighs just 3/4ths of an ounce and is just 2-inches long.
In a statement, the CEO of Concord Keystone said: The immense
popularity of YouTubeยฎ and other sharing websites has spurred a
generation to share and communicate snippets of their lives through
video. He goes on to say that the one of the design goals for the
EasyShot Clip was a low price point, and they've succeded, as the Clip
will only set you back $70.
The EasyShot Clip will come with 2GB of built-in video and unlike
similar products, it shoots at a full 30 FPS, and can record up to two
hours of video. The camcorder comes with ArcSoft Media Impression
Software which is a basic video editing suite and will help you upload
your videos to social networking sites. Concord Keystone is unleashing
the product in February 2010, and it'll cost only $70. It'll be further
shown off at CES.
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