Friday, 2 April 2010

MSI Wind Top, Wind Box Feed Pine Trail Fire MSI Wind Top All-In-One And Wind Box Nettop Get Pine Trail Power

Just a few days in to the Pine Trail revolution and MSI has followed up
their related netbook releases with a Pine Trail-powered all-in-one and
a nettop, the MSI Wind Top and MSI Wind Box computers.ย MSI will show
off these Pine Trail net computers at CES along with the MSI Wind U130
and U135 notebooks.
The MSI Wind Top AP1920 all-in-one PC will include both the upgraded
Pine Trail processor and a slimmed-down case design that will first be
shown at CES 2010.ย The MSI Wind Top AP1920 will span 18.5 inches by
1.4 inches deep, the thinnest all-in-one that MSI has released yet.ย It
will be powered by either single or dual-core Pine Trail processors,
which will provide both added speed and greater efficiency than its
predecessor, the MSI Wind Top AP1900.
The MSI Wind Box DE220 nettop is a monitor-ready desktop pc designed to
have the surface area of a standard letter.ย Like the MSI Wind Top
AP1920, the new MSI Wind Box models will be available with either single
or dual-core Pine Trail processors.ย Shipping dates and pricing info
have not yet been announced, but the new models will be shown at CES
2010 next month.Read | Or scroll down for further on topic reading.
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