Friday, 2 April 2010

Motorola Droid Hack Brings WiFi Tethering Droid GUI Based WiFi Tethering Now Available

ny of us, tethering is what makes high-speed 3G connections so great,
and network operators know it, hence why many have blocked it for their
customers in an effort to get people to sign up for a new Internet plan.
Among those who still care about us, Verizon have announced some time
ago that the uber-hypedMotorola Droid will be getting tethering support
for a price. But what if we'll tell you that you're just a simple hack
away from bringing WiFi tethering to your Droid?
We already heard that USB tethering with your laptop or PC is possible,
but now we caught wind of a Droid hack that will supposedly allow access
to high speed internet through the handset's Wi-Fi connection.
More to it there's no need to run any shell commands as users get to
control it right through the phone's GUI. All you need to do is to
install a custom kernel and a custom recovery image, and voila, you have
Wi-Fi tethering on your Droid smartphone.
Full steps on how to hack your Droid for WiFi tethering can be found on
DroidForums (link below), so get them done and remember to restart your
handset right after.
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