Friday, 2 April 2010

Firefox 4 UI Mockup Revealed Mozilla UI Designer Shows Off Mockup Of Upcoming Firefox 4's Release, Similar to Microsoft Office, Google Chrome

Mozilla's product designer Stephen Horlander is the man responsible for
the way that Firefox looks. On his personal blog, Horlander has revealed
five changes that are in the works for Firefox 4, and even provides a
nice mockup of how it'll all look. Firefox 4 looks like it will be
borrowing some design elements from Microsoft Office and Google Chrome.
The first and probably biggest change that is in the works to come to
Firefox 4 is that the 'menu bar' is being replaced with an 'App Button'.
Similar to the 'Ribbon'ย interfaceย found in Office 2007 and the two
control buttons found on Google Chrome, the menu bar (File, Edit, View,
etc.) is being compressed into a single button. Horlander specifically
says one reason they went in this direction is because of Microsoft
heading that direction with the Office and other native Windows apps.
Secondly, the toolbar (Forward, Back, Address Bar, Refresh) will be
getting a refresh. Third, the Address Bar (or Location Bar, as Horlander
calls it) will be changed to let you 'evaluateย site identity early'.
Fourth, Horlander promises that unlike Chrome, Firefox will maintain
aย separateย search box for your Google, Wikipedia searches instead of
combing the Address and Search Boxes.
Finally, a special menu ย button will be added to easily allow you to
access which extensions you have running. Check out the screenshot of
Horlander's mockup of Firefox 4's for yourself.
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