Sunday, 4 April 2010

Motorola Opus One Specs & Features Get Leaked Opus One, First iDEN Android Phone from Motorola, Unveiled Ahead of Time

Motorola s first iDEN Android phone, the Opus One has already been
leaked to the public. We don t know when it s coming and what carrier
will launch it but we do have a pretty much complete list of specs and
features for you to enjoy. And since Motorola was the one to inve
nt the whole iDEN concept, you might be interested in what the Opus One
will have to offer.The phone could very well end up in Sprint s
inventory although we have nothing to point us in that direction yet.
Here s a quick rundown of features for you: 3.1-inch hVGA 320ร—480
capacitative touchscreen display 3-megapixel autofocus camera with LED
flash Accelerometer Proximity sensor Wi-Fi 802.11b/g Bluetooth microSD
card slot 2.5mm headset jack Home, Menu, Back, Speaker buttons are
capacitive buttons with haptic feedback iDEN PTT PTX Android LBS which
is integrated into the iDEN GPS engine �Enterprise email �
Plastic-molded housing with some rubberized texture finishes 58mm in
width, 118mm in length 100g weight 512MB Flash / 256MB of RAM 64k and
128k iDEN SIM card support A-GPS Motorola dual-mic technology
noise-canceling for noisy environments Flash Lite v3.1.x Some of the
preloaded apps include: corporate email client with ActiveSync support,
MOTONAV navigation app, barcode scanner, and document viewer. Android 1.5
As you can see, the phone isn t exactly the most impressive Android
handset around. For those of you that need push-to-talk devices, the
Opus One could be a nice alternative to what you re using so far. It has
plenty of features for you to enjoy and you ll also be able to run lots
of apps from Android Market.
What do you say, folks, will you choose the Motorola Opus One over your
current iDEN phone?
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