Sunday, 4 April 2010

CiragoTV CMC2000 Media Streamer Revealed CiragoTV Reveals New Digital Set-Top Box, 1TB Storage, Wireless Streaming

The team at Cirago have revealed their newest creation, the CiragoTV
Platinum CMC2000 media streaming box. The multimedia center will allow
you to stream digital content from your home network to a television for
big-screen enjoyment. Something that sets the CMC2000 away from the pack
is the inclusion of on-board storage.
The CMC2000 will ship with two sizes of on-board storage, 500GB or 1TB.
The CMC2000 can also act as a NAS on your home network. Via the AV
inputs on the bag, the CMC2000 will be able to record video and will
support DVR-like timeshifting. The CMC2000 has an Ethernet port, and
unfortunately anybody seeking wireless connectivity will have to buy a
USB-Wireless adapter.
The two USB ports can be used for the adapter or storage expansion
should you use up the internal storage. The CMC2000 will run any of the
common video or audio formats. Pricing hasn't been announced yet for the
CMC2000, however, their earlier CMC1010 was less featured and sells for
about $120. CiragoTV plans to start shipping the CMC2000's in Q1 2010.
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