Sunday, 4 April 2010

Amazon Sells Record Number of Kindle eReaders Amazon Sells More Kindle eBooks than Actual Books This Christmas

eBook readers are a hit product which explains why everyone in the book
business is interested in developing their own model. While the nook is
a very hot such device, it s Amazon s Kindle that rules the market, for
now at least.Amazon has announced that it sold lots of Kindle eReaders
this Christmas. And what s more interesting is that Amazon sold more
eBooks on Christmas day than actual books. Are we moving towards a world
where regular paper books are going to become a thing of the past?
Given the fact that lots of people got a Kindle from Santa, it s only
logical to see an impressive increase in eBook orders on Amazon.
Especially since on Christmas day regular Book shoppers where busy
eating, drinking and sharing that family Christmas spirit instead of
actually making online purchases.
The Kindle Store includes over 390,000 books and �the largest selection
of the most popular books people want to read, including New York Times
Best Sellers and New Releases. � That s an impressive number and one
more important thing to consider is the price of eBooks. They are
certainly very affordable and cheaper than regular books. The more books
Amazon has to offer, the cheaper they should become without affecting
the revenue stream for both publishers and Amazon.
On the other hand, with the nook shaping up to become the Kindle s main
competitor, we might see eBook prices decrease even more in the
following period of time. With Amazon and Barnes Noble fighting for
the number one spot in the eBook reader business, customers will be the
real winners as all their favorite titles will be available sooner or
later in Amazon s or Barnes Noble s inventory. And let s not forget
that other manufacturers out there have definitely noticed this new
emerging market and they have been taking action accordingly. Other
eBook readers have been developed or are in development and the eReader
market will grow even more in the following years.
Do you own a Kindle yet? Or have you purchased a nook or some other
similar device?
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