Friday, 2 April 2010

BlackBerry Tour2 9650 Surfaces Tour2 Essex Specs & Quick Review, Pricing & Availability Yet to be Confirmed

Leaked sometime back in October, RIM's upcoming BlackBerry Tour2 9650
(also known as BlackBerry Essex) has just been spotted out by our good
friends from BGR, who have also done a quick review on it. At a first
glance the Tour2 is similar to the original BlackBerry Tour when it
comes to size and the overall appearance, but a more in depth look and
things are looking way better.
Speaking of better, the most significant exterior change is the new
optical trackpad that replaces the trackball — it works great,
just as you'd expect . Under the hood there's a snappier processor
borrowed from the Storm 2 that promises to take away the lag time
experienced with the previous Tour.
There's also Wi-Fi connectivity as the old Tour didn't have it and the
same amazing QWERTY keyboard that makes for a great addition when you
need to answer emails or send text messages.
BlackBerry Tour2 is expected to hit on Verizon early 2010 but there's
nothing official to confirm a release date or a price tag.
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