Thursday, 1 April 2010

Marks Spencer Releasing Their Own Netbook MSNB-2009 Is Branded By British Retailer, Fancy Ad Campaign, Average Netbook

Netbooks are cheap to buy and even cheaper to produce. Given their
popularity and the worldwide recession, they're selling like hotcakes,
so needless to say, a ton of companies are jumping into the netbook
market. Enter the MSNB-2009, ย a netbook being branded and sold by
British retail giant Marks Spencer.
The Marks Spencer site for the MSNB-2009 is pretty impressive. It
features some slick web design, and the Marks Spencer raves, This is
not just technology… This is M S web book technology. While that
might lead some to believe that the MSNB-2009 was a powerful super
netbook, under the hood, it's fairly average as far as netbooks go.
For specs, it features an Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of DDR2,
Windows XP and a 10 LCD display, which is par for the course as far as
netbooks come. Marks Spencer will be offering the netbooks in three
colors, black, blue and pink. The netbooks are being sold exclusively at
Marks Spencer stores, and will set you back pound sterling279 ($451).
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