Friday, 16 April 2010

ioSafe Solo External SSD Drive Revealed External SSD Drive is Fireproof, Waterproof, Crushproof, Dropproof

A lot of people use external hard drives for backing up important data,
but what do you do with very important data, like priceless scanned
photos from your grandparents, or the account numbers for your Swiss
bank account? ioSafe has got you covered, with their new Solo SSD drive,
a military grade external SSD.
The drive is waterpr
oof (can survive 30 days in 30-feet of salt water), fireproof (up to
1,550 degrees Fahrenheit), crushproof (can support 5,000 pounds on any
side) and shockproof (can survive a 20 foot drop). All of that makes it
one of the most rugged electronic gadgets I've ever seen – if not
the most rugged.
The real secret is that it is a solid-state external drive, not a hard
drive disk-based system – so there's no platters or moving parts.
And if you manage to destroy the drive after all of that, the
manufacturer offers a 'no-questions' data recovery service. The Solo can
connect to your system via USB or eSATA. Sizes go up to 256GB and prices
start at $500.
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