Friday, 16 April 2010

AirStash Provides Wireless iPhone Storage USB Drive Wirelessly Gives You Extra Storage Space

Mobile phones are quickly becoming the center of everybody's digital
life, from making calls, surfing the web and watching videos and music.
All that multimedia music and video uses precious storage space, which
some users of iPhones and iPod Touches might not have. Enter the
AirStash, which gives you wireless storage for your iPod Touch or iPhone.
The AirStash looks like an oversized thumb drive. At your home computer,
you plug it in via USB and add your media. Later, when
you're out with your iPhone or iPod Touch, your device will be able to
wirelessly stream the content from the AirStash, from say, your pocket.
AirStash's manufacturer – Wearable, Inc., will be showing off the
AirStash at CES, and details are scare before the show.
In addition to the USB port, the AirStash will also have support for an
SD slot. The AirStash will have its own battery supply and it will need
to be recharged. Other than that, we don't know much about the AirStash.
Pricing, release dates and storage sizes are still unknown for this gadget.
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