Friday, 16 April 2010

Sherwood iNet-2.0 Revealed New iPod Dock Is Ultimate Alarm Clock, Internet Radio, Media Player

Home Electronics giant Sherwood showed off the iNet 2.0, a powerful new
iPhone dock that is filled with new features. The most noticeable thing
about the iNet 2.0 is it's big 8-inch touchscreen display. As an
iPod/iPhone dock, it can play music off of your device with a bigger set
of speakers, but the features don't stop there.
The iNet 2.0 can be c
onnected to the internet via an Ethernet port on the back, or WiFi. Once
connected, the iNet 2.0 can stream music from internet radio stations,
and Audio-On-Demand is even available from Rhapsody and Napster, letting
you choose songs and play them back at your own pace.
As for the other features, it can act as an Alarm Clock or a Digital
Photo Frame. It contains 1GB of on-board storage that can be
complemented by SD cards or USB thumb drives. For audio nerds, the
iNet's speakers are driven by a 20-watt amp. Unfortunately for those
interested, Sherwood didn't give any pricing or release dates yet.
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