Sunday, 11 April 2010

ATOM-7xp Robot Unveiled Homebrew American Robot Uses Off-The-Shelf Parts

Most sophisticated humanoid robots we see are one-off robots from some
giant Japanese conglomerate with completely custom parts and software.
Enter the ATOM-7xp robot, built by a man named Dan Mathias with parts
supplied by FutureBots. The ATOM-7xp is running Intel Atom processors
and Windows operating systems.
FutureBot provides robotic components for the Hobbyist and professional
, so everything that makes up the ATOM-7xp bot is commercially out there
for you to buy. The ATOM-7xp is powered by not just one, but two Intel
Atom processors (the 330 and 230, unfortunately – no Pine
Trail), and has two 'computers' inside of him, one running Windows XP
and one running Windows 7, or as the FutureBot website claims, the
worlds most advanced operating systems .
The bot can run by himself or be controlled via a Telepresence bot.
Despite being a homebrew bot, ATOM wasn't cheap, and it cost Mr. Mathias
two mortgages and lots of sweat , although it was still probably
cheaper than the Japanese bots (for example, the Honda ASIMO costs $1
million USD to take one home – and that's after 25 years of
research and development).
For those interested in ATOM, Dan Mathias and ATOM-7XP will be featured
in the upcoming issue of ROBOT magazine.
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