Friday, 2 April 2010

Google Chrome Netbook Specs Leaked Google's Own Netbook Specs Leaked, 2GB RAM, SSD Storage, 10" Display

Search giant Google has been making waves lately in the hardware market,
where they previously had never step foot. First, the Nexus One (aka
Google Phone) was revealed earlier this month, and now, specs have
leaked of an upcoming 'Google Netbook'. The
netbook will run the new Chrome OS, and will feature GPS and a SSD drive.
This leak corresponds with an earlier rumor that TFTS reported on that
Google was looking for aย manufacturerย of netbooks.ย According to the
leak, the Google Netbook will feature an ARM CPU and NVIDIA Tegra
graphics processing. It's reported to be have a 10-inch touchscreen
display that is capable of multi-touch, and will be HD ready , which
one assumes will mean the netbook will be able to play 720p HD video.
Other specs of the netbook include 2GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD drive
(which should add $300 to the price right there). The netbook will have
WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a GPS receiver. Of
course, it'll be running Google's new Chrome OS.
Rumors persist that the netbook will be launched in the 2010 holiday
season, and the cost will be heavily subsidized by Google, as they'll
try to keep the price below $300. Rumors of a contract with a cell phone
provider have also come up. Paying less than $300 for a netbook with a
SSD drive and 2GB of RAM would be a deal – or as the UK Business
News article on the netbook said it's like getting a Ferrari for the
price of a Mini Cooper .
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