Thursday, 8 April 2010

BPhone Smartphone Looks Like A Netbook Chinese Cloned Smartphone Features Keyboard, Rotating Display

When does a smartphone go from being a smartphone to a netbook that can
make calls? The BPhone, a new gadget out of China, certainly blurs these
lines for us tech enthusiasts. The new BPhone looks a lot like a small
netbook or Ultra portable PC, but instead, actually can make calls and
has a god-awful looking antenna that sticks out the top.
The &#
8216;phone' runs some sort of Linux-based operating system. This part
doesn't look so bad, as the OS looks quick, well designed and has a ton
of desktop widgets. A video of the device shows somebody looking through
an address book (but not making calls) and playing music and video files.
Despite the address book being shown (with phone numbers), the demo
video doesn't show any phone calls being any made – and the
thought of trying to make a phoneย call with this brick is likely to
induce 1980's flashbacks. The 5-inch display is supposed to be
rotational, which could be a nice feature. Nothing else – pricing,
carriers, availability was released today.
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