Friday, 2 April 2010

Cydle Reveales T43H and M7 Gadgets Cydle Shows Off Their High-End GPS Nav, MID Devices

Cydle has given everybody their Christmas present this year as the
company has unveiled two devices that it will show case at CES. The
Cydle T43H is a continuation of their line of PNDs (Personal Navigation
Device aka car-mounted GPS devices), which adds new traffic features,
and the M7, a new MID device
While many think that dedicated GPS units for cars
are being replaced by turn-by-turn navigation apps for smartphones,
Cydle comes back with a strong new PND offering. The T43H will offer
built-in HD radio, as well as what they're calling HD traffic updates .
The company claims that T43H users will get traffic updates 10 times
faster than other traffic message channels . Beyond the GPS features,
the T43H has a 4.3-inch touch screen, can can play videos, music and
display pictures. No word on storage size, but the T43H will come with a
SD slot.
Their other new gadget, the M7 MID will have a wide touchscreen (no
specific size announced), and will be able to play videos and music in
addition to its web surfing abilities. 8GB will be on-board and it will
also include a 3D memory card slot.
Excited? The devices will be shown off further at CES. The T43H GPS will
cost $149 and will be released Q1 2010, while the M7 will cost $199 and
will be released in Q2 2010.
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