Friday, 30 April 2010

Lenovo Adding Two New Computers IdeaCentre A300, IdeaPad S10 being revealed, super-thin all-in-one desktop, multitouch netbook tablet

Lenovo has taken the covers off of two new computers that they'll be
releasing soon. The IdeaCenter A300 is a 21-inch all-in-one desktop that
Lenovo hails as the world's thinnest, coming in at just 18.5mm deep (the
iMac, for comparison, is 18.85cm). The other new
product is the IdeaPad S10, which Lenovo says has the world's first
MultiTouch display on a netbook-tablet.
The IdeaCenter A300 hides the computer in it's base, as opposed to the
more conventional all-in-one design where it tries to hide the computer
in the monitor. The A300 is optimized with Lenovo's Lenovo Enhanced
Experience which gives users a quicker start-up time. No specifics
specs on the desktop were announced, but it will be running on an Intel
Core 2 Duo chip, and will have an HDMI in/out port.
The IdeaPad S10 is a convertible netbook-tablet, and as I said before,
Lenovo is claiming that that 10-inch MultiTouch-capable touchscreen is
the world's first for the netbook-sized tablets. It'll be running the
Intel Atom N470 processor (unfortunately, not Pine Trail) and will have
320GB of HDD storage. Lenovo has also promised that the S10 will have
their QuickStar 2.0 which allows you to 'instantly' browser the web
without having to wait for Windows 7 to load up. Without knowing the
technical details, it sounds like some sort of Linux-based OS that would
be optimized for fast-booting and would be included on the netbook with
Windows 7.
The IdeaCenter A300 will cost buyers $600 and it'll be ready for sale in
February 2010. The IdeaPad S10 will cost your $700, and will start
shipping this month.
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