Sunday, 4 April 2010

LG To Debut Mobile TV Standards In US LG Electronics Hoping To Bring Mobile TV Watching To The US, Unveiling At CES Planned

Watching TV on your cell phone or a PMP via a receiver has never been
popular in the United States, but LG electronics hopes to change that.
The Korean electronics super-giant is planning to introduce some new
products for the American market that they hope will get Americans
hooked on mobile television.
LG's products will use the new American mobile digital TV standard which
has beenย nonexistentย until recently, and will be rolled out next year.
The first two mobile TV-capable products that LG has announced will a
portable DVD player and a cell phone. LG has said that the video quality
on their newย chip setsย that enable mobile TV will be HD-quality .
Despite their popularity elsewhere, mobile TV has never caught on. Over
80 TV stations in the US will begin broadcasting in the mobile TV format
next year, and reportedly 30-45% of the country will be ready for mobile
TV. No words on pricing or a release date for the LG gadgets, but expect
more news at CES. A few other manufacturers may have some mobile TV
gadgets for the US market there as well.
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