Sunday, 28 March 2010

XtreamP3 Player MP3 Player Revealed Waterproof MP3 Player Comes With Headphones, 1GB, Can Be Submerged

The XtremP3 (or XtreMP3) Player is a tiny waterproof MP3 player. The
small gadget is a little ruggedized model, attached to an armband, that
can be completely submerged up to 15 feet. It comes included wit
h waterproof headphones. While ideally it may be useful for swimmers, it
could also be helpful for people who have to do activities in the rain.
The XtremP3 Player will set you back $150, which is a bit steep for a
1GB MP3 player. Last week, we covered the H20 Audio iPod Nano case,
which would roughly run you $130, plus the cost of an iPod Nano. That
considered, the XtremP3 might not be too highly priced.
Finis, a swimming gear company, is the manufacturer of the XtremP3
player. They have another waterproof MP3 player called the SwimP3 that
attaches to swimming goggles, which may not be practical outside of the
pool. Not only could the XtremP3 be used in the pool, but it could be
used anywhere else you might encounter water. The XtremP3 is now
shipping and will cost you $150.
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