Sunday, 28 March 2010

Nintendo Wii SUPREME Is Made of Diamonds & Solid Gold Golden Wii SUPREME Costs £299,995.00

This isn t the first time I ll tell you not to buy a Wii anymore, but
this time I am really going to insist against buying the Wii SUPREME in
the picture above. Yes, it s a special edition Nintendo Wii but no, it
doesn t bring anything interesting to the table when it comes to
performance. It s going to offer you the same gaming experience like a
regular Wii console.What s special about the golden
Wii in the picture here is the fact that it s covered in solid 22ct gold
which is definitely not a feature I ll be looking for in my next console.
The Nintendo Wii SUPREME is definitely the �most unique and the most
expensive in the world. � It takes six months to make one and it
requires 2,500 grams of solid 22ct gold. The front buttons are made of
78 x 0.25ct flawless diamonds which total 19.5ct. Only three such
consoles will be made and they will each cost pound sterling299,995.00
or almost half a million dollars.
I think I have just made my point and I shouldn t have to tell you why
it s not worth buying such a golden console. Let s look past the price
for a second and assume that we have that much cash lying around the
house. For the sake of conversation we will also assume that we love our
gadgets to be covered in as much bling as possible. Should we, in this
case, purchase a golden Wii console?
Of course not! The Wii is already obsolete. As much as I love the idea
of motion controlled gaming, I hate the overall performance of the Wii.
The Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 are going to support motion
controlled gaming too in 2010 and at that point Nintendo won t have a
competitive console anymore.
So if you re really looking into covering a console in diamonds and
solid gold, better wait for the Wii 2 and hope that it will come with
better specs and features or chose one of the consoles available for the
competition. Or turn back in time and order a golden Wii two years ago.
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