Tuesday, 23 March 2010

XS-SR3 iPod Speaker Dock Gets Official JVC XS-SR3 iPod Speaker Dock Features Dolby Virtual Surround Sound

You must be one of those people looking for a new iPod speaker dock this
Christmas, aren t you? With the holidays just around the corner you
definitely need such a tool to put to good use your Christmas-themed
playlists.JVC has launched a new iPod speaker dock, the
�uniquely-designed � XS-SR3 which will certainly impress the audience
with its looks and its music playing capabilities. The dock has a
tubular, but pretty interest
ing, shape which will turn anyone s head and comes with Dolby Virtual
Surround support which should fit well with your music needs.
The XS-SR3 can hold your iPhone or iPod in a vertical or horizontal
position, although I am pretty sure you will want to use an actual
big-screen TV to watch all the videos you want. Besides that Dolby
Virtual Surround that can create the illusion of a �wider sound field
when viewing video content �, the speakers will offer you powerful
neodymium magnets which will get you �clean, crisp sound. � Does that
sound good enough for you?
The JVC XS-SR3 will offer you 5 watts of power and two audio inputs, one
analog and one digital optical. The system also doubles as a computer
speaker system so in case you don t have an iPod but love the design of
the XS-SR3, now you have an excuse to get it. The speaker dock comes
with a handy remote control which should help you better control
everything from the distance.
The JVC XS-SR3, although just recently announced, is certainly a dock to
consider this Christmas. If you find any extra cash laying around the
house you could always send Santa to pick one up. The XS-SR3 is
available for just $149.95 which is not a bad price considering what it
has to offer.
So what do you say, folks? What iPod dock / speaker system are you going
to purchase this Christmas?
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