Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sony Walkman NWZ-S745 PMP Released Sony's New Walkman PMP Hits Canada - US To Follow?

Sony has brought their Walkman NWZ-S745 MP3 player to the land of hockey
and maple syrup. The player, which was previously only released in the
South Pacific regions has now landed in Canada. The S745 is apart of the
more advanced S-Line of Walkman players.
The S745 player is your basic no-frills MP3 player, sporting 16GB of
storage, a 2-inch screen, and ships with headphones and a case included.
As is standard with m
ost MP3 players these says, it plays most music and video formats you
could want. While it may seem quickly outclassed by the Android-packing
MID/UMPC touchscreen giants we're starting to see, a lot of people are
in still in the market for these no-trick MP3 players.
There has been some blog buzz about how this product was released in
Canadian – not the United States. Some have suggested this device
may be released in the US following a grand unveiling at CES (where all
the buyers for the big retailers will be inย attendance). At any rate,
Sony Style Canada is now shipping the device for $200CAD (or $189 USD).
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